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Feature articles
I research and write magazine feature articles, either commissioned or self-generated. I am interested in history, so most of my work is in the nature of "a history of" a particular subject: anything that grabs my interest. The subjects I cover tend to be in the realm of art, design, books, travel, heraldry, automobiles, lifestyle, history etc. Subjects I don't cover are sport, finance, sport, politics, sport, religion & sport.
Subjects of Published Features
The History of London Coffee Houses
Skyliners: Luxury 30's seaplanes
A history of Fire-fighting
The Grand Cafe in Oxford
"The Spice of Life": a history of the East Indies spice trade
Johan Gutenberg & the history of print
A history of Thames slipper launches
A history of Playing Cards
Herbal Remedies
The origins of London's street names
"A Master of his Craft": profile of a traditional boatbuilder
The History of Gin
"All Cakes & Ale": a history of brewing
The Bakelite Museum
"The Sport of Kings": history of falconry
And many more ...
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