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Do you share the same surname as some one from the past who bore a coat of arms? We can match your name and produce a hand-made wooden shield decorated with a coat of arms associated with that name as a heraldic badge. Our plaques are 100% hand-made originals, from wood to hand-crafted heraldic decal, and are shaped and finished by hand. Your plaque will not be "off-the-shelf" or machine-made in any way, but is bespoke and made to order especially for you. Hand-made items take time and care to make, as we wait for successive coats of clear lacquer to dry, and create the arms badge decal, so your order will usually be completed in 2-3 days.
The Family Name coat of arms plaques come in small, medium & large, and also miniature, and are available either as a badge with coat of arms as in the picture (right), or badge plus helm & mantling, as far right. The price of the plaques also includes a £5 name search and artwork fee. This is to get the best match for your name & prepare your personal coat of arms artwork.
Prices are £15 for a miniature shield, £20 for small, £30 for medium, & £45 for a large shield. Click on the "YaleMail" link below to enquire about your family name. Our shields are unique and made to our own design, and are guaranteed 100% English hand-made.
Click a link for our list of surnames to see if yours is associated with the holder of a medieval coat of arms
email Yale Design Email us through the Yalemail link to order coat of arms or ask us a question This is the only site where you can get your coat of arms design made and applied to a 100% hand-made miniature medieval wooden shield, rather than a shield shape cut out of a block of wood. Yale Design shields are always made to order.
I can also supply a shield with heraldic device to order in electronic format for use on websites, headed paper etc. These shields come in a choice of two shapes as shown to the right, and also a choice of four styles as shown below. They are supplied as a computer file in PNG format with transparent surround to allow pasting over any background.
1. Flat style 2. "Enamelled" style 3. "Metalled" style 4. "Enamelled metal" style