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Why does Frank use a Motorola 8500x "brick" phone?

What is Operation Wedge?

How is Henry Fonda involved?

How much green wood-grain Fablon does Walnut-Dash have out the back?

What is the Deja-vu Machine?,

Why are there rusting Chevy Corvairs floating in the bay?

Why does Zak have a huge 5-manual Gothic church organ in his lab?

Why are Frank & Radar being haunted by Marlon's severed head?

Will the Antlers of Doom work & Marlon become a Superhero? ... Oh, and will Bollocks Roy ever serve a decent cup of coffee?

A thriller/comedy-of-errors set in an unspecified coastal town full of bizarre characters, where a turf war erupts between the rival gangs of visiting Garth Marshall and local gang boss Cameron Fraser and his team of misfits. Caught in the middle are Marlon and Rufus, reluctantly allied with Zachary Fazakerley (Zak Fazzak), mystic, visionary and lunatic, and inventor of the fabled Morphing Metal used to create the Antlers of Doom. Through all of this stumble the inept figures of Frankie Flange and his sidekick Radar as they leave a trail of mayhem through all the chaos.
"Antlers of Doom" is currently in production. Read a preview extract below.
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